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National Car Care Month is Here – Reinvest in the Health and Beauty of Your Car

Car Maintenance at National Car Care month - April

Did you know April is the National Car Care month and it’s the perfect time to show some love to your car? Your car is your significant investment and creating a habit of scheduling regular maintenance will extend its lifetime and maximizes performance. On this National Car Care month, we’ve come up with a checklist to start a routine auto repair in Puyallup and car maintenance.

Car Care Checklist

  • Check the lights in your vehicle inside out to keep you safe and provide peace of mind that you won’t get pulled over for a light being out.
  • To ensure safety on the road, watch for any changes in tire, treads, and sidewall.
  • Save large repair bills by checking whether the fluids are filled to the correct level.
  • Regularly check your engine oil to prevent any major engine issues in the future.
  • Wash the exterior and clean out the interior of the vehicle to help extend the life of paint, fabric, and the harder surfaces in your car.
  • Rainy weather accompanies spring, so consider changing out windshield wipers now before getting caught in the rain.
  • Did you know a car’s plugs and batteries can be depleted up to 60% faster than when the weather is warmer? So, consider replacing plugs and battery of your car whenever necessary.
  • Schedule an oil change with your Puyallup car maintenance service to keep your car running smoothly.
  • Who doesn’t love the shiny, picture-perfect look of the car? In addition to cleaning your car, give the car a good waxing to protect your vehicle from spring weather and keep it safe.
  • According to the research reports, tires lose 1 to 2 pounds of air pressure for every 10 degrees the temperature drops outside. So, make sure to check pressure regularly as spring temperature can fluctuate sometimes.

Take your car to Puyallup auto service to get it inspected for any damages, repair or need for replacement.

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