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Keep Your Car in Top Working Condition with these Preventative Maintenance Tips

Mechanic doing Vehicle preventive Maitenance

Your car is the most significant investment you’ve ever made and one that’s expected to stand the test of time. With proper auto maintenance in Puyallup, it’s easy to own a vehicle for many years without experiencing any major mechanical breakdown. So, here we’ve compiled a list of preventative maintenance tips to avoid an emergency and keep your car in top working condition.

Replace and Refill Fluids

Engine oil is one of the essential fluids for your car, and it prevents the metal parts of your engine from touching. Moreover, it also transports dirt to the oil filter instead of allowing it to build up in the oil pan. If you fail to replace or refill your engine oil, it may lead to a series of engine problems. Other essential fluids to check include transmission oil, brake oil, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, and more.

Engine Air Filter

Did you know filters play a huge role in how the car moves and should be replaced after around 30,000 miles or else they will start making your engine overwork? So, check and replace it as frequently as possible. Also, unattended cabin air filter affects the efficiency of your air-conditioning system.

Braking Pads

With its long usage, the breaking pads will wear out after some time. You can identify it by the squeaking noise you get when applying brakes. If you fail to replace the braking pads, it damages the disc motors, and costs you more. So, get your brakes checked once a year and get them replaced possibly. Hire the right auto repair in Puyallup to make sure that your car is safer for the ride.

Spark Plugs

The spark plug provides your car the necessary spark to start and move. Check the spark plugs regularly to make sure that they are in good condition as old plugs will make your vehicle inefficient.

Your car is one of your most significant investment, and you’ve to maintain it well to keep it working in good condition. So, hire the best auto or fleet repair service in Puyallup to get your car checked for any issues.

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