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Get Regular Fleet Maintenance to Keep Your Fleet Running

Regular Fleet Maintenance to Keep Your Fleet Running in Good Condition

If you are a fleet manager looking for professional fleet maintenance in Puyallup WA, you may know that fleet maintenance works in two ways.

  • Scheduled
  • Unscheduled

Scheduled fleet maintenance or Puyallup car service provides the least amount of headache and expense as it allows you to identify and fix the minor problems well before it becomes into a big issue. But, as a fleet manager with a hectic schedule, it is tough to stay on top of all maintenance issues. So, here are a few expert tips to keep your fleet in tip-top shape.

Tip #1

When it comes to fleet maintenance, delegate the tasks and decide on who will be in charge of each task. Designating someone to be in charge of monitoring the vehicle maintenance will improve the performance of your fleet.

Tip #2

Prepare a maintenance checklist so that you can make sure no vehicle gets overlooked. Check all major functionalities, cabin controls, rims, wheels, tires, fluid level, hose connection, cabin comfort controls, exterior and interior lights, CV joint, belts, and more.

Tip #3

Schedule preventative maintenance at a leading auto repair shop in Puyallup to prevent sudden break down of your fleet vehicles. It is an inexpensive solution that protects your vehicle from any future damage.

Tip #4

Use a fleet maintenance software program to manage your maintenance tasks, mileage, prior maintenance dates, part replacements, and all other maintenance done to the vehicle. It helps you to stay on top of all maintenance needs and makes scheduling and keeping track of maintenance tasks much more comfortable.

Scheduling regular fleet maintenance in Puyallup WA prevents vehicle downtime and will help you become totally proactive in maintaining your fleet vehicles.

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